You don’t have a client, until he buys

Emotions make customers buy
Emotions make customers buy
August 7, 2017

You don’t have a client, until he buys

When you are in Sales field, you get used to the fact that everything is unpredictable and there is no move more important or urgent than the other.

It’s difficult to make a decision when we are in doubt about what we really wish for or when we are afraid of the consequences that will follow. Even when the need for a certain product is obvious, the satisfaction that we might get in the end, won’t make the decision any easier.

This is exactly how a client feels, no matter when you meet him and no matter what product you’re selling to him. As a sales agent, I can tell you that time is not a friend to you! If you think that giving some time to your partner to decide whether to buy or not will be in your favour, then you’re totally wrong! Give yourself time for phone calls  and meetings, so that, everything would be clear for both of you.

Pushing on client’s time for a decision means bringing him closer to making a move, to understand the product’s philosophy and to close the deal. If a client fails to see the benefits that a product will bring him, he will try from the very beginning to get rid of you. He might feel trapped, unsafe and he will always try to postpone you in hope that you will stop contacting him.

In this case, pushing on his limits, means a direct action, making the whole process more dynamic and alert, having his attention focused on a certain movement. This is the way to force him to take action and, in the same time, you avoid being lured in his story. In the end, your goal is to bring him closer to your scenario and to close the deal.

I, personally believe that letting the client to lure you in his story is always a risk of being overwhelmed by negative emotions. You have to take over the reins and lead the situation in your advantage.

Always keep an open mind and don’t threat his personal space, choose to respect it and show that to him. Success will be by your side!

Article author: Adrian Mazilu -trade.Berry community founding member

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