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I have started my career in Capital Markets in my early twenties as a sales man. From the beginning I knew that I have found my professional path and that I should follow it. I enjoy nothing more than solving business challenges which involves a continuous process of trail.

Being the first face in trade.Berry community, I find that the two most important things in this industry are trading interaction and transparency. trade.Berry is transforming the culture of trading into a powerful social experience.

I was present in the developing stages and I have the mission to expand the trade.Berry brand at a global level. If transparency and professionalism is what you seek in this industry, I can’t hardly wait to meet you.

Adrian Mazilu - Work experience

July 2017 - present: Head of Sales at trade.Berry

  •  Designing and implementing a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base and ensure it’s strong presence;
  •  Building and promoting strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs;
  •  Manage and train sales staff, implement sales incentive programs and goals to increase employee performance.

May 2016 – July 2017: Founding member of trade.Berry community & Sales-AM founder

  • Collaborate with the Founder’s team in growing a strong, integrated and sustainable community;
  • Attending B2B & B2C conferences, meetings and industry events in order to meet face to face with my partners and create new connections for trade.Berry community;
  • Developing and expanding the trade.Berry brand at a global level.

September 2015 – May 2016: Managing Partner at Sales Point Agency

  • Providing leadership to the Board and in formulating, developing and evaluating the company’s goals and policies;
  • Maintaining smooth operations within the company and making sure that decision processes are working at the level where, in particular cases,decisions should be made;
  • Manage the day-to-day affairs and business of the company.

May 2009 – August 2015: Business Development Manager

  • Developing and negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations, examining risks and potentials, estimating partner's needs;
  • Closing new business deals by coordinating requirements, developing and negotiating contracts, integrating contract requirements within business operations;
  • Prospecting for new clients by networking, cold calling, advertising or other means of generating interest from potential clients.

Adrian Mazilu - Personal skills

  • Native language: Romanian
  • Other language(s): English (Understanding, Speaking, Reading)

Communication skills

  • public speaking, experience gained through my seminars and business conferences;
  • good communication skills gained through my experience as sales manager;
  • active listening skills, one of the most important ways in negotiations;
  • motivational skills developed as a business development manager, which also involves encouraging people, envisioning solutions or ideas, maintaining emotional control under stress.

Organisational / managerial skills

  • leadership (such as problem-solving, analytics, decision-making, planning, delegation);
  • strategic thinking and business development;
  • financial management.

Job-related skills

  • The main expertise of my work is Financial Markets, which involves good understanding and use of online trading platforms, CFDs instruments, risk management, investment strategies and technical analysis. Making public presentations, seminars and conferences related to this industry.

My professional path ... step by step

Experiences and vision that have led me in this industry in the past eight years

Who I am and what is my mission inside trade.Berry

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