I sell and I buy
I sell and I buy
April 23, 2017
The risk management in online trading
Risk management in online trading
May 15, 2017

I was always looking to have in my team people with attitude, capable and willing to get in touch with others, to become models to follow through their own example. What inspired me to go with such an approach is the importance I gave to human relationships in my own business, of the way I wanted to build and manage these. The quality of human relationships and the contact created with each member of the team, represents the nucleus of my strategic development.

Being the leader of a group comes with responsibilities! No one is willing to offer someone this status, unless that person actually deserves it and the whole group recognises his authority. We are not talking about an imposed authority, but an authority earned through qualities, experience and work. The members of a community accept a leader when he manages to offer safety perspectives. He is the one calling the shots and taking the responsibility for them. If things are to evolve in a positive direction, a leader recognises every member’s contribution. When things go bad, he is the first one to take the blame for it.

We are social beings, eager to explore and discover new things, to build and progress permanently. We were educated to learn from one another and it is in our nature to find inspiration in those that managed to build a path towards success, well-being and happiness. Here is where leaders show up in action, those inspirational persons that transmit that they have the resources and needed strength to do things that most of people do not think they can or do not feel that they are able to do so.

When you are a leader for the ones around you, it means that you are in their service, that the interest of the group is more important than the individual one. I believe that leadership is a quality that you were born with, but it can be also achieved by learning and adapting it through personal development, being a tight competition connected to the emotional intelligence.

The leader has the power to change attitudes and behaviors and this is why his presence is extremely important in companies, communities and society. When a leader is part of a team, he tights up the relationships between members, he facilitates the transfer of information. He calibrates the roles and he makes sure that everybody is pleased with his position.

This is why, if you wish to be a role model for others you must start with yourself. Invest time and take the commitment to your daily progress, work on becoming better. When you choose this path, everything will go easily, it will be your second nature!

Simple things are always making the difference, by having the right attitude, we can make them part of our daily life. When we choose to make impossible things a state of normalcy, it means that there is a story to tell, that we have overcame our boundaries and were able to look beyond our own limitations. This is a model to follow, that makes us be leaders in our own life, led by our own visions.

Article author: Adrian Mazilu -trade.Berry founding member

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  1. pozoid.com says:

    American Express quantifies the success of some of its leadership programs by comparing the average productivity of participants teams prior to and after a training program, yielding a simple measure of increased productivity.

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