August 16, 2017

You don’t have a client, until he buys

When you are in Sales field, you get used to the fact that everything is unpredictable and there is no move more important or urgent than the other. It’s difficult to make a decision when we are in doubt about what we really wish for or when we are afraid of the consequences that will follow. Even when the need for a certain product is obvious, the satisfaction that we might get in the end, won’t make the decision any easier. This is exactly how a client feels, no matter when you meet him and no matter what product you’re […]
August 7, 2017
Emotions make customers buy

Emotions make customers buy

If a robot would call you to sell you a product that you need, would you be interested in listening what it has to say? Most surely not. This is why Sales requires emotions! Always, there must be a connection between the client and the sales agent. Think of it like a simple math equation: Emotion + Connection = Sale. It is in our nature to exchange emotions, based on this, we build perceptions and then, we take decisions. In sales, to understand the client’s need from the very beginning is not an easy thing, but it is mandatory to […]
June 16, 2017
Failure is a refreshment for success

Success lies in failure

Have you ever thought about failure from the feedback  perspective ? That this might be a way of coming closer to success, that its role is to transmit what we have to change, to improve or to take out from our actions? As a sales person, many times I have met agents for whom failure or refusals are synonyms to despondency and desertion. For them, the only matter was time, when they will take the decision of leaving the company. My experience has shown me that success might be born from failure, as long as your inner senses are set […]
June 12, 2017
Visual contact in business meetings

Visual contact in business meetings

Visual contact has a vital role in building business relationships! It shows that between parties is interest, attention, common goals and objectives to reach. We have mentioned in previous articles how important is the good communication between partners in a sale, so now we will point out this statement by emphasising the role and the necessity of a business meeting. This is, actually, the major point of the sales process, bringing both parties face to face, as a follow up part of steps that have been taken previously. Amazement, trust or fear are just some of the reactions that can […]