Emotions make customers buy

A triangle with a role-play
A triangle with a role-play
July 31, 2017
You don’t have a client, until he buys
August 16, 2017

Emotions make customers buy

Emotions make customers buy

If a robot would call you to sell you a product that you need, would you be interested in listening what it has to say? Most surely not.

This is why Sales requires emotions! Always, there must be a connection between the client and the sales agent. Think of it like a simple math equation: Emotion + Connection = Sale. It is in our nature to exchange emotions, based on this, we build perceptions and then, we take decisions.

In sales, to understand the client’s need from the very beginning is not an easy thing, but it is mandatory to learn to adapt to his personality. Any sales agent who succeed in building a connection with his client, gathers information about how he thinks, feels and what expectations he has from you. When you treat your client with attention and significance, understand what is behind his demands, you prove to him that you are sincere and that you want to help him, not just to sell.

A salesman that doesn’t transmit emotions to his client about the product that he is about to sell, won’t make a sale at all! First, you must find a way to make the one in front of you to believe and trust you and then start thinking of a sale.

We choose to buy a product because of the feeling that this exact product will satisfy our specific needs. Most of the times, the decision of buying is closely connected to our need to fulfil the personal ego, a personal satisfaction, not a real need. The same way your client judges – he will buy if he feels that he needs your product, and this is your duty – to make him feel this way!

Consequently, in the absence of emotions in the sales process, it would be just a mechanical speech, no passion, no involvement. People want to have their feelings stirred, they want new experiences, and in sales field, this is the key to success!

Article author: Adrian Mazilu -trade.Berry community founding member

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