Visual contact in business meetings

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Visual contact in business meetings

Visual contact in business meetings

Visual contact has a vital role in building business relationships! It shows that between parties is interest, attention, common goals and objectives to reach.

We have mentioned in previous articles how important is the good communication between partners in a sale, so now we will point out this statement by emphasising the role and the necessity of a business meeting. This is, actually, the major point of the sales process, bringing both parties face to face, as a follow up part of steps that have been taken previously.

Amazement, trust or fear are just some of the reactions that can be easily recognised when you have visual contact with the person in front of you. You can also observe the level of attention of your interlocutor. The key element of a meeting is the way of looking to each other, in the same time, an excellent way of receiving feedback from the person you are talking with. An experienced sales agent, after giving information about his service of product, will continuously observe the client’s reactions in order to adjust his attitude according to this.

Any successful sale requires interest and involvement from both sides. The voice, the look and the attitude, combined with the logic arguments are complementary elements of this setting. The way of looking to each other can also assess the level of concentration, knowledge and willingness of your business partner. This aspects cannot be easily recognised through a telephone conversation, this is why a business meeting is considered to be the key element of a successful sale.

Bare in mind that people trust you when you have coherent behavior, your thoughts and actions are consistent. Always pay attention to what you are transmitting to people! Somehow, we all want and expect to have an assurance from those around us, like a bond between what they say and what they will do. In business, nobody wants to be fooled or taken by surprise, so whenever your client or partner will feel that way, he will abandon the deal.

The idea is simple – make your client feel safe and confident that by buying your product or service, you are also bringing him a real benefit. If you don’t believe this, don’t even struggle to make your partner to do so!

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