Honestly, if I were to meet a child and ask him what does he want to become when he will grow up, and he would answer by saying that he wishes to work closely to people and make money, then I would tell him straightforward "Be a salesperson!".



July 17, 2017

I want and I do

The way we talk with ourselves and the pattern after which we build our inner speech shows our vision about reality. What we believe and what we use to say about us brings us closer to success or, on the contrary, holds us down. In communication, language is the mirror of our inner behavior, where the habit and the preference of using certain words, bring to others attention how we plan to act or position ourselves. Even if we try to hide our emotions, the words that we use in our speech reveal our true feelings. Let’s take the example […]
July 10, 2017
Manipulation VS Persuasion

Manipulation VS Persuasion

In our private live, we surround ourselves with people with whom we share the same ideas and views. We maintain our relationships by showing respect and interest. Things are the same when we talk about business. The honesty we offer to our clients will reflect in the sales that we will manage to deal in the end. People often think that selling a product is the same as being able to manipulate people. You can’t be happy with such an opinion, especially if you know that what you’re offering to your clients is something really useful to them. First of […]
June 26, 2017
Safe havens in times of market turbulence

Safe havens in times of market turbulence

The phenomenon of Volatility on financial markets has been strongly felt by investors all of the times. The daily, quarterly and annual moves can be dramatically seen on their finance results. But, it is this volatility that also generates the market returns and creates opportunities for those who can anticipate and feel the market flow! But when we face a long term volatility, like economic crisis or any other market turbulences, how do we protect our investments? What instruments can remain stable when everything around becomes undependable? Political, social or economical tensions between countries of the world, the globalisation process […]
June 16, 2017
Failure is a refreshment for success

Success lies in failure

Have you ever thought about failure from the feedback  perspective ? That this might be a way of coming closer to success, that its role is to transmit what we have to change, to improve or to take out from our actions? As a sales person, many times I have met agents for whom failure or refusals are synonyms to despondency and desertion. For them, the only matter was time, when they will take the decision of leaving the company. My experience has shown me that success might be born from failure, as long as your inner senses are set […]
June 12, 2017
Visual contact in business meetings

Visual contact in business meetings

Visual contact has a vital role in building business relationships! It shows that between parties is interest, attention, common goals and objectives to reach. We have mentioned in previous articles how important is the good communication between partners in a sale, so now we will point out this statement by emphasising the role and the necessity of a business meeting. This is, actually, the major point of the sales process, bringing both parties face to face, as a follow up part of steps that have been taken previously. Amazement, trust or fear are just some of the reactions that can […]