Honestly, if I were to meet a child and ask him what does he want to become when he will grow up, and he would answer by saying that he wishes to work closely to people and make money, then I would tell him straightforward "Be a salesperson!".



August 16, 2017

You don’t have a client, until he buys

When you are in Sales field, you get used to the fact that everything is unpredictable and there is no move more important or urgent than the other. It’s difficult to make a decision when we are in doubt about what we really wish for or when we are afraid of the consequences that will follow. Even when the need for a certain product is obvious, the satisfaction that we might get in the end, won’t make the decision any easier. This is exactly how a client feels, no matter when you meet him and no matter what product you’re […]
August 7, 2017
Emotions make customers buy

Emotions make customers buy

If a robot would call you to sell you a product that you need, would you be interested in listening what it has to say? Most surely not. This is why Sales requires emotions! Always, there must be a connection between the client and the sales agent. Think of it like a simple math equation: Emotion + Connection = Sale. It is in our nature to exchange emotions, based on this, we build perceptions and then, we take decisions. In sales, to understand the client’s need from the very beginning is not an easy thing, but it is mandatory to […]
July 31, 2017
A triangle with a role-play

A triangle with a role-play

As a sales agent, you know better than anyone, that promoting a product or a service that can fully satisfy a certain need of a client, is a 100% closed deal and that the benefits obtained in the end are in line with expectations. When you are in sales, things are not that simple as it seems – you are pushing a product and the buyer simply accept it as it is. The cases when the client is calling a salesman for his specific product and accepts his terms just like this, are quite rare! More often, there are negotiations, […]
July 24, 2017
How to predict a market trend?

How to predict a market trend?

Like all businesses, the stock market operates on a system of supply and demand. Speculating on the price movement of an instrument can bring us both benefits and losses. All clear up here, except the fact that things get complicated when you are about to press the SELL or BUY  button. Detailed researches, technical and fundamental analysis and a lot of other measurement instruments are used by investors all over the world in order to predict market trends. Indeed, the information is crucial for a successful experience in online trading! But in this article I want to point you where […]
July 17, 2017

I want and I do

The way we talk with ourselves and the pattern after which we build our inner speech shows our vision about reality. What we believe and what we use to say about us brings us closer to success or, on the contrary, holds us down. In communication, language is the mirror of our inner behavior, where the habit and the preference of using certain words, bring to others attention how we plan to act or position ourselves. Even if we try to hide our emotions, the words that we use in our speech reveal our true feelings. Let’s take the example […]